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Bra Sizes Pakistan. First of all we are sorry that we can’t update our blog in last few weeks. But from now we will try our best to update it on daily basis. We will discuss the topic bra sizes today. Today world is change totally, people are educated and every industry is flourish day by day. Today experts agree that about 20 to 30% women are not using bra. While 70 to 80% women are using bra on daily basis. As we research more in ladies undergarments field, we came to know that there are about 60% women wearing wrong bra size. There are different reasons behind this issue. Those female who uses plus sizes undergarments are first in using wrong size bra. As if a plus size lady uses 48D bra size, so if she can’t find the 48D bra size. She buy 48A, 48B or 48C also.

Today we will try to discuss about bra sizes, bra sizes issues, bra size calculator, how to measure bra size etc. First of all we will divide bra sizes into two sections

  • Normal Size Bra in Pakistan
  • Plus Size Bra in Pakistan

Normal Size Bra in Pakistan

If we turn pages and go into past years we will came to know that there was simple bra sizes in Pakistan. 32 bra size, 34 bra size, 36 bra size, 38 bra size, 40 bra size, 42 bra size. These were the common bra sizes available in Pakistan. With the time branded undergarments introduce cup sizes and later these branded bras with cup sizes was available in Pakistani market. Those brands also introduce their bra size chart to choose correct bra size. There are almost same sizes of all branded undergarmets in Pakistan. We will discuss later about how to measure your bra size and how to measure your cup size.

Plus Size Bra in Pakistan

With the time we are achieving our goals and we are conquering the world, but we are also facing new diseases too. We have advance technology but still there are multiple diseases which are rising day by day. Most have no treatment either. Overweight people are one of those issues. Plus size bras are for those healthy ladies who can’t control their weight. There are 15 ladies in the world with biggest bra sizes. So plus sizes bras are for those ladies and these sizes are very helpful as, previously they face a lot difficulties because of no size fit to their breasts. It is best to control your weight at early weight increase stages, otherwise you might be a victim of plus size bra.

How to Measure Bra Size

You might listen or read this sentence 80% of women wear wrong size bra. This sentence have a history of research for back pain in ladies. So this study also tells us that if a lady wear wrong size bra, it may painful for her in future. So be careful and choose your bra size wisely. Before following or searching any topic or video about how to measure bra size at home, keep in mind that it is your own choice. So make sure to measure it properly. There is a common practice in ladies while measuring bra size. Most ladies measures in inches. This is not safe and good for your bra sizes. If you will measure in inches you may not find the best fit bra size for you.

As we mention earlier, if anyone use wrong size bra, she may face of back pain. So avoid from back pain and choose your best fit bra size. There are hundreds of ladies who measure bra size themselves but not happy with the fitting of bra. Because most ladies don’t think about cup size, so they only measure bra size and buy ladies undergarments online or buy from local shop.

Let us tell you the best way to measure the bra size for best fitting. First of all measure area from the underbust. Make sure you are measuring in centimeters. Note that measurement then place measuring tape on fullest part of your bust and measure the measurement. Note this measurement also. Next find your best fitting bra size in below image. You will be amazed that this time you get best fitting bra. This isn’t magic, this was because of exact measurements.

After decide of your size, click below link and choose your the bra of the same size you have measure moments ago.

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