Simply Straight Hair Brush




Simply Straight Hair Brush Pakistan

Simply Straight Hair Brush Pakistan is a ceramic straightening brush that promises to combine the power
of a flat iron with the gentle styling ability of a brush to deliver perfectly straight,
salon-quality results in minutes.
Simply Straight Brush will make straightening your hair as easy as brushing it, without
having to worry about damage, chemicals, or hassle.

How to Use Simply Straight Hair Brush

Just insert Simply Straight’s polarized plug, press the +/- buttons to select your desired
temperature (between 360° and 450°, in 10° to 20° increments) on the built-in LCD display,
and it will heat up in about two minutes. Then:

After brushing with a traditional brush, separate the section of dry, clean hair you’re looking to straighten. Do not apply hair care products.
Place Simply Straight near the roots while holding hair firmly, and brush from root to tip.
Repeat until the section of hair is straightened before moving on to another section.
According to the company, this should only take minutes, regardless of your hair’s style,
length, or type.


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