5 Minute Exercise Roller




5 Minute Exercise Roller Pakistan

If you want to reduce your tummy fat, and wants slim and smart body then give 5 minutes to
amazing product 5 minute exercise roller Pakistan. You have to use it for 5 minutes daily
and you will see results within 15 days. You can use it for whole body slimming, no need to
join expensive gym or dieting. Just use 5 minute exercise roller for 5 minutes daily. And
you will be amazed with its unbelievable results within few days.

How to Use 5 minute Exercise Roller

If you are doing sitting job then you can understand weight gain, fatty tummy, hip & heavy
thighs problems. And you will feel totally shapeless within 1 year. So 5 minute exercise
roller is best for you for whole body slimming without any dieting and hard abs workout.
Use 5 minute workout daily only for 5 minutes, and you will see your body muscles are toning
and getting shape within few days. Everyone who wants to slim his/her body can use 5 minute
exercise roller. It has no side effects and provide results within few days.

Revolutionized wheel Exercise for Slimming

Intense, light and effortless abdominal training
Different muscles are trained at once with this unique sports equipment
You can choose between 6 different training levels and a lot different exercises
It features bi directional power assisted technology
When you move forward, the tension in the power assist bands builds up, providing you more
resistance and a stronger workout

5 Minute Exercise Roller Features

5 Minute exercise roller works your different body parts at the same time
* Abdominal muscles (upper, middle, bottom, and side)
* Back muscles
* Arm muscles
* Shoulder muscles
* Thigh muscles

5 Minute Exercise Roller by Naaptol

Weight Bearing(Maximum): 110 kg
Size/Dimension: 13 x 41.5 x 14.6 cm
Product Weight: 790 g


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